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I've never heard the word, "Unprecedented" so much as in the past months but it aptly describes everything in life right now. It's so hard to grasp the times we're currently facing and my heart grieves. In the midst of all this mess, my dad died. The dreaded day of losing a parent arrived and when I felt that gut wrenching loss as I was lying next to him in his hospital bed, I realized why I was hoping to die before my parents.  The anguish felt (and still feels) unbearable. I have always held intense sympathies for those who have lost a family member. My dear cousins have lost a brother, a father, a mother. My step sisters and brother lost a mother. The list goes on but suffice to say, I get it. Now I get the feeling of this all encompassing shock that surrounds you when the person who was responsible for giving you life has left this life. Every night I dream about my dad. Vivid dreams. We're talking, we're in the company of family, we're experienc…

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