Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Travels

OK, this is sad...2 posts in the same night! Get some sleep woman! I need to be up at 2:30 to begin our long journey to SE Idaho. It is our yearly tradition to visit Ray's family around the 4th of July. Of course, the kids are excited to the point of peeing their pants. This should last about 1 mile after leaving when it will turn into the infamous "How much longer?"

So, in light of a 14 hour drive to the middle of flippin nowhere, we need to be a bit creative in terms of in car entertainment. When all else fails (long about Boise) the DVD player makes it's appearance.

In the meantime I have created some neat little care packs to keep Will and Jaimey busy. We have the obvious... books on CD. We even download them on our IPOD and we are set to go. Some favorites are Chronicles of Narnia, Pippi Longstocking and Paws and Tales by Chuck Swindoll.
I put together a huge basket of car treats... Red Bulls and Slim Jims for Ray! I try to get stuff for the kids we don't normally buy. So, an assortment of fruit roll-ups, cracker packs, licorice and the like are met with enthusiasm. Next, I tuck in books - I can get them in the dollar bin at Target. Anne of Green Gables and Little Women written for junior readers... PERFECT!
2 words: WASHABLE markers. Costco carries these craft books called Doodle Book for Girls and Doodle Book for Boys. They are full of activities, puzzles, drawing, etc... Throw in some masking tape and let the kids create tape designs (on paper preferably!)
The main thing is don't let the kids see ANY of the goodies before you leave, otherwise all bets are off!
Happy Travels!

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  1. Ha! when I read masking tape I thought you had a different use in mind... besides art. :) Glad you made it here safely!


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