Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kick Ass French Toast

This morning I decided to actually COOK breakfast rather than my usual hodgepodge. Well, the result was quite favorable. I had some leftover pound cake that I used as the bread. Talk about rockin the casbah!
I like this pound cake that is made in Lake Oswego, it is sold in Portland but you can find it here at EZ Orchards.
Anyway, slice 'er up and dunk in 3 eggs mixed with a little milk. Add a liberal amount of cinnamon sugar and about 1 tbsp vanilla.

Soak the bread until spongy but not where it is falling apart. Place in a buttered, sizzly pan and fry until golden brown. Prepare to enjoy some decadence. I love it with fresh strawberries on the side, some powdered sugar, a little warm syrup... Oh, a BIG reminder... don't even bother trying to count calories on this baby.

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