Sunday, June 28, 2009

Whipped Cream

I guess I need to start buying heavy whipping cream by the vat! Unfortunately, I have been using a lot of it lately due to our strawberry season here in the Northwest. Cooking school awakened my love of fresh whipped cream all those years ago and I have been sunk ever since!
So, last evening in an effort to make a quick dessert for a meeting I sliced up some lovely angel food cake in wedges, took my just harvested berries and sugared them. Then , I whipper my cream with confectioner's sugar and a healthy dose of vanilla. It is always yummy if you can add some Grand Marnier as well for an extra little kick. Anyway, it was nice on a warm evening and looked beautiful to boot!

On another note, I'm still figuring out how to dress this blog up so bear with me and I will try to have some photos comin' before long.

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