Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot Days, Cool Desserts

Last night I attended a baby shower for a dear friend. Her and hubby are expecting their first child in about 4 weeks. How do you tell a prospective Mother the joys and trials of becoming a new Mom without completely freaking her out? Probably keep the bad parts to one's self! They are embarking on an exciting, wonderful journey but one of our prayers last night was for SLEEP!

So, in honor of the new momma I made the shower cake. It seemed to work really well in light of the heat. Thankfully we have wonderful berries in season right now. You don't need a lot to dress them up!
I made a vanilla cake and spiced it up with some Grand Marnier, then I put together an assortment of berries (use any you wish, I chose Marions and Raspberries.) I added a bit of jam and sugar to it and then placed it on top of the cake. I keep the cake in the pan, makes for easier serving and/or transport in the heat. Finally, I whipped up some fresh cream with vanilla and confectioner's sugar and then placed it on top of the fruit.
What results is a very light, fruity dessert that is really nice on a warm day. Of course, keep it chilled until you are ready to serve it.

And, to all you mommies out there... Rock On!

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  1. oh, that sounds heavenly! yumm! gotta find a way to make some of the stuff I love, only gluten free.


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