Thursday, August 20, 2009

Julia and Jessica

This past weekend my cousin (who I consider my sister) and I traveled to Healdsburg, Calif. to tie up some family details. Sadly, my uncle ended his battle with cancer in January. It was a tragic time but fortunately had, what I consider, the privilege to be with him and my sis at his passing. We returned to gather the rest of his belongings to take back to Oregon. Most of our father's family lives in the same area so we have the chance to visit a bit while we are there.
Because of the tragic events previously, Sarah and I wrote a list of things we could enjoy on our trip as a break for the both of us. Our main goal for entertainment was to see the movie, Julia and Julie. We were really excited and for good reason. The movie was fantastic. Of course, my impulsive, ADD "qualities" took over and by the end of the film I wanted to write a novel, blog about something amazing and generally "wow" someone, anyone to gain recognition, money and purpose! I was actually jealous of "Julie".

Now, how is that for self esteem issues? God, forgive me. I'm writing this and having a hard time with it because I'm struggling to actually believe it... God created me to be His daughter and the purpose for my life can be evidenced in the daily grind of kids, dishes and scooping dog potty in the back yard. Can I fully believe this? Can I fully believe that whatever I do, I can perform it as unto God and He is pleased? Until I do, I can't move in the direction God wants me to go.

So, with the patience and love of a real Father, I press on... He is faithful!

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