Sunday, December 27, 2009

All was not Calm and All was not Bright

To the relief of my non - existent followers, I am attempting the "art" of blogging once again. This has nothing, I mean NOTHING to do with New Year's Resolutions since I don't believe in them. I choose not to believe in them because I can never accomplish them. It serves two purposes. One, I never disappoint myself and two, I never disappoint myself!

Man, Christmas goes fast around here. I try so hard to make new traditions while reviving old ones. I wanted the holiness and the wonder of the season to permeate my home and family. I started by having morning advent devotionals with the kids before school, only to break up quibbles and arguments between them. I celebrated Christmas Eve day with carols, candles and prayers. But, I got bombarded with barfing kids. (It always happens simultaneously because when Will hears or sees Jaimey barf, it activates his gag reflex (compliments of his father). Its a two for one special!
Well, then I tried to be crafty. This year I attempted a marshmallow-gum drop wreath. An idea I stole from some Mormon chick's craft blog. Why does the photo ALWAYS look better? Anyway, in Utah it is VERY cold and the wreath holds up great on a front door because it is frickin frozen all the time. Uh, not so in Oregon. See, here we have something called rain and moisture. That doesn't work for candied confections. Talk about a sticky, runny mess after the freeze broke. I feel so sorry for my mailman stepping in marshmallow goo as he tried to deliver a package.
From there we headed into the gingerbread house-turned- condemned building fiasco, the homemade Advent calender with missing days on it and headless sugar cookies. And, did I mention Jaimey's rat escaping up the ladder in our nativity scene? I think normally one of the sheep are supposed to be in that spot. Not this time. Sophie the Rat had a close-up of baby Jesus in the manger. Please tell me, despite all my mess ups, my kids will remember these times with joy and some laughter?

Then, Christmas Eve church service arrives. It is a small moment in time to Stop. Breathe. Reflect. Sing. Praise. An innocent child coming into a world of turmoil and hatred, born to die.
All the crazy details of life float away (for now) in the presence of such a miraculous event.

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