Monday, December 28, 2009

Its Not About Me

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to travel to the mountains of Guatemala on a medical mission. Instead of blessing the beautiful people of El Chol, I was the one who came away humbled and grateful for having met such amazing people. It was remarkable.
Well, now on January 7th a similar team will be traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico. Barring any complication, I will be joining them. I'm getting nervous. This will be the longest time I have have left my family since we will be gone for about 2 weeks.
Our plan is to head up into the mountains to some Mayan communities. There are so many unknowns but that is part of the excitement.

Questions are often raised as to the purpose of a short term mission. Some often feel people go for the chance to travel, see a new culture, etc. I'm not going to lie, that is an exciting aspect! But, on the other hand, you work really hard so there might be better ways to experience travel for pleasure :)

I had never been missions minded because I always felt there was so much to be done in our own community. I continue to believe that is true. There will always be work right outside my own doorstep and yet I'm not doing it.
Why does a mission sometimes seem an easier method in which to minister to people? Am I using it as my cop out so I can feel I have served and therefore my spiritual "duty' is done? Oh yuck, I'm getting nauseous just writing it! Thank God for His grace and acceptance when I struggle with these things.

But, as we know, God's love is not confined to borders. Maybe this is another example, a reminder if you will, of life beyond my sheltered gate of apathy. I know I don't need significant events to prove my worth in the eyes of God. Oh my, how cliche of me! It is so much easier to write it than believe it!

Just keepin' it real.

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