Monday, January 4, 2010


Sorry to keep talking about this trip but obviously it has been on my heart so I continue to write about it. I love this quote by Greg Mortenson. He is the author of Three Cups of Tea and now his latest, Stones into Schools.
He has a real vision for the underprivileged of the world and dedicates his life work to making a difference.

"People who live in the last places -the people who are most neglected and least valued by the larger world-often represent the best of who we are and the finest standard of what we are meant to become."

I'm thinking how true that is. Humility, selflessness, hospitality, love and the list goes on! Oh my, such attributes I desire for myself! People just want to be loved and cared for. To see a little boy or girl so excited over something as simple as a sticker reminds me of how much I tend to take for granted. They are content with living simply. The abandonment of self them even more endearing to Christ, the most humble of all.

We have 350 lbs of meds and supplies packed. Our prayer is that we will get through customs with zero hassle. We pray the wonderful people we meet will feel the love of Christ and that needs, however small, will be met - spiritually and physically.

On a lighter note, Jaimey keeps getting 'love' notes from some boys in her 2nd grade class. This seems a bit early for such things, doesn't it? One of the moms told me her son wrote "Jaimey is a hottie" on his hand.
OK, we may need change schools :)

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  1. Changing schools might not make a difference - Julia has had a boy give her $5 and another boy leave a rose on her desk. I think it's just the age. Praise the Lord for hair color, cause I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be totally gray raising two girls!


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