Friday, January 29, 2010

What Are You Doing Today?

This morning I had a lot of motivation as I was on a time crunch to get to Portland and back before I had to pick the boys up. I was motivated because I was going for my culture hit at Trader Joe's, one of my favorite shopping stores. Before I left I had a list of things to accomplish so I wouldn't have to come home to it. It was a challenge to make breakfast, leave a clean house, make beds, lunches packed, laundry started, pets taken care of and somewhere in there get myself dressed, and finally get 5 kids to school. Oh, I forgot, I had to stop for gas along the way.

I started thinking how easy it can be to get stressed with the mundane responsibilities, but in reality how blessed are we to even do any of it? The fact that I could buy groceries and make breakfast alone is a huge gift for many...even in our own town, let alone other parts of the world.

I hope I can keep that in the forefront of my mind the next time I complain about too much to do, too little time. Perhaps it can be the shove I need to stop, pray and give thanks for abundant blessings. Also, a challenging prayer for me where I can bless others with the same grace He has given us.

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