Saturday, February 20, 2010

And So It Begins...

I'm not ready for the whole youth sport years. I don't like team sports, I don't like the commitment it involves, I'm mad at Michael Vick and Tiger Woods for setting bad examples, I don't like the "rain or shine, we still play" crap, and I don't like paying money for it. Basically, I have made it all about me, as usual! With that out of the way, we have willingly entered into this nether world that I absolutely know zilch about. Yes, Will is starting T-Ball in April. Whether or not he is going to like it, remains to be seen. The hope is Will might increase his social skills, learn something about teamwork, be a good loser, and hopefully, just hopefully have a little fun.

We signed him up with his best little buddy with the hope they can play on the same team. If anything, it will provide a new experience for Will and a couple of scrapbook pages for me :) He is starting to warm up to the idea and got a little mitt at Goodwill (love that place!) for 3 bucks.

Now, what about uniforms and stuff? Do they need cleats? Do they need those little capri-looking pant things? Do they need a cup? If they are too little for a cup, is it OK to use a dixie cup? :)

Memories, its all about the memories! At least that is what I keep telling myself!

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