Friday, February 19, 2010

Dog Cookies and Substitutes

I posted something similar to this on Facebook. I bought these organic peanut butter sandwich cookies at Trader Joe's. Long story short, Jaimey loved them. They smelled fantastic! Upon further inspection I noticed a dog on the front of the package. Lo and behold, they were "Doggie Cookie Treats." I looked at the ingredients and surprisingly, they were pretty much synonomous with human ingredients, but still! Anyway, the treats went to their rightful owners and we will see how Jaimey feels in a hours.

On another subject, Jaimey has quite a few substitute teachers in her class. Don't get me started on that one, I'm just laying the foundation here. This week she had 3 different teachers "facilitating" the class. I asked about them, how she enjoyed them, etc.. She replied, "Well, when the teachers are old ladies, we try to be nice to them." ALERT! ALERT! First of all, who and why are you calling people "old ladies?" I'm so offended by that!
Second of all, how do you behave with the young, pretty ones?

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