Friday, February 5, 2010

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Ok, we are only to 2nd grade in the whole elementary school thing and I'm already freaked out. Today's tales included the following:

"Jordan" stuck a pencil in the fan during class causing an uproar and a trip to the principal's office.

"Garret", a 3rd grader put a headlock on "Kevin" a 2nd grader and proceeded to bite him.

"Soren", a 4th grader got smacked in the face with a chair by another student during an earthquake drill

"5th grade girl" took a tube of lipstick/gloss and wrote all over the girl's bathroom, which Jaimey discovered upon entering said bathroom

"Jaimey" couldn't hold it anymore and peed her pants during library

"Teacher" decided to play some of the musical group "U2" for the class. Fortunately, they totally rock so I'm glad he has good taste.

Now, what did you actually LEARN today??

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