Thursday, February 11, 2010

Faith Like A Child

Tomorrow I am posting a "Tribute, the Sequel" about my grandma because as soon as I posted yesterday I thought of all these really important, wonderful things I left out!

This morning, however, takes a look at the faith growing in my kids. While I was finishing blogging yesterday Will noticed the Mother Theresa quotes and photo I have on my side bar. Will wondered who she was, what she did and commented on how poor she looked. I then explained her life of service to others and all the healing she brought to so many desperate people.

Will went and got his piggy bank and counted up all his money. I think it was about 12.00. I asked what he was doing and he told me he wanted to give his money to the poor. Now before you start thinking this kid is some amazing human being, let's keep in mind he couldn't decide whether or not to actually give the money because he is saving for a R2-D2 figurine. Aside from all that, I love his heart. I can see him processing and learning what it means to live a bigger picture, even at this young age. I was encouraged (at least for the day.) I think God gives us these glimpses into the development of our children to remind us our journey with our children is not in vain, despite the days when I honestly question why the hell I had kids.

He has not reached a verdict yet on who is getting his money, the poor or Target. I will keep you updated but whatever the decision, I will be OK with it. Perhaps by now he has forgotten the whole conversation and now, choosing which Lego game to play will be the biggest decision he makes this afternoon. No worries, I think his heart, at least for now, is heading in the right direction. And, who knows? Perhaps R2-D2 will show up on his birthday.

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