Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old Souls

Not much to say today. That is OK with me. It is good to be quiet for a while. Especially for the ones who live with me!

We have started talking about birthdays because Will's is March 18th and Jaimey's is March 20th. If you can believe it, Jaimey wants a snuggie and clip on book light for her birthday. She also wants to go to Sweet Tomatoes for a birthday dinner. Uh, can anyone say 90? Sheesh, what in the hell is she going to want in her 20's? Perhaps a 50 plus community with Meals on Wheels service? I get a kick out of it though. One of her favorite hobbies is reading and I can't believe the knowledge she is accruing. Even though I'm making fun, I love her for it.

Will said he would like games, fuzzy PJs that are too big for him and clothes. Again, I ask "Huh?" However, I'm quite thrilled that he doesn't want some sort of death machine- torpedo style- MK 47-war monster.

Our hope (depending on our tax refund - can anyone say audit? :) ) is to take them to Great Wolf Lodge for a total surprise. Not sure if I can handle it but I guess I am willing to try. Crap, I guess that means I would need to wear a bathing suit. More swearing follows!

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  1. I love it!! Just be glad Jaimey wants Sweet Tomatoes and not Home Town Buffet or Almost Home!!


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