Monday, February 15, 2010

Transformation Masks

On Saturday we took the kids to (gasp!) the Portland Art Museum to force a little culture down their wee throats. Each Saturday the museum holds a family tour designed for the younger set. We tour around with a guide and she reads stories in correlation to the art piece we are looking at. It was pretty cool to hear what the kids thought of a certain piece, their take on what something meant, colors, etc...
Of course, we bribed them FIRST with promises of lunch, cocoa and donuts, and bookstores.

One of the exhibits included what they call "Transformation Masks." These masks were used in tribal settings and one would don such a mask to tell stories or explain the history of their tribe. I wish I could have taken some photos (not so much in a museum!) to give a better glimpse of what I'm talking about. Some were pretty crazy looking, others more serene.

In typical Jessica fashion, I turned the whole thing back to moi and considered how many transformation masks I wear depending on who I'm with and what I'm doing.

There is the "Mommy is pissed" mask when I'm mad. That isn't a fun one. When mommy pulls that one on I'm not really at my best, rather at my wit's end and ready to blow, cursing under my breath at everything that is wrong in the world, in my home life, in my kid's life, and in my cat's life :)

There is the "I'm at church" mask where I can feign interest in a sermon, fall over myself to be kind and outgoing, offer sympathies and promises of prayer. Don't get me wrong here, I feel blessed and challenged when I leave church, honestly I do. The relationships of fellow people revive me out of my self-induced 'me' coma. But, I would be lying if I said I didn't try and hide some of my seamier side.

There is the "I'm trying so hard to be cool, because I know I'm not" mask. Trying desperately to be someone I'm not so that I might be liked and respected in a variety of settings.

Reality check! There is Someone who sees through all my masks and looks at what is underneath and it is a ghastly sight, God knows (literally!) How He can love me in spite of my trivialities is beyond me but I'm humbled and undeserving by God's continual devotion to my spiritual health! I am grateful I can be honest before God at my shortcomings.
Looks like some excavation is in order!

In the meantime, you never know which one may appear. Consider yourself warned!

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  1. Oh friend...this is so good. I am guilty of these masks too. Thank goodness for loving friends and a Redeemer!

    Thanks for this post.



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