Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today I'm going to gush a little bit. This may be a long post! It still doesn't do her justice, however. My grandma's birthday falls on Valentine's Day. Personally, I think it is the only good thing about the day. Oh, and chocolate, of course.

My grandma (and grandpa, too!) were (and continue to be) so instrumental in my life that I don't think they even realize how much! In a childhood full of dysfunction and chaos, my grandma provided the stability I desperately needed. My cousin and I would spend countless hours and days at their home. I know we both craved and loved their influence, acceptance, and presence in our lives. The days became normal and happy.

My grandma introduced me to Jesus at 5 years of age and prayed with me to accept Him into my heart.

My grandma would take me to Sunday School every week at EV Free in Walnut Creek.

My grandma would enroll us at day camp every year and take us to Fudge Alley afterwards for hot dogs and shakes.

My grandma introduced me to the joy of a banana split for lunch, compliments of Baskin Robbins.

My grandma endured the many, many bake sales my cousin and I held in their front yard.

My grandma endured the many years of Christmas caroling in their front yard.

My grandparents let us "publish" our own newspaper for the neighborhood without even acting embarrased!

My grandma got mad at me for dying my hair with hydrogen peroxide because I wanted to look like Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran (uh, don't ask.)

My grandma sang to us every night before bed.

My grandma would make us Jello chocolate pudding in these awesome cups as a surprise.

My grandma would fix homemade chicken strips, potato salad, and melon during the summer.

My grandma (made and still does) the most awesome chocolate chip cookies in the history of the universe.

My grandma and grandpa would take us to Rio del Mar, Monterey, and Carmel just because.

My grandma and grandpa attended every stupid choir performance, play, and graduation.

My grandparents danced at my wedding.

My grandma would host the most amazing Christmas Eve every year at her house.

My grandma bought us the Barbie Convertible for Christmas.

My grandma would take us to the Nutcracker in Oakland EVERY year as a tradition.

My grandma bought me a hamster for my birthday.

My grandma would bake us birthday cakes.

My grandma let us dress up in her clothes ALL THE TIME!

My grandma saves all my emails and letters.

My grandma put all my letters about Ray before I married him in a little cedar box. She gave it to me on our 1st year anniversary.

My grandma let me paw through all of her old photos and let me read my grandpa's love letters to her. (Sorry grandpa :) )

My grandma hangs all of our nerdy photos on her wall. Yes, freshman year included!

My grandma waged a battle against cancer for many years.

My grandma suffered the tragic loss of her grandson and daughter without losing her faith.

My grandma is one of my biggest cheerleaders.

"Her children rise up and call her blessed."

I love you, Grandma! Happy Birthday!

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  1. Beautiful Jess! I love your Grandma after reading this. Please wish her the happiest of Birthdays from me.


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