Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Comedy of Errors

This day has been interesting, so far. On Sunday, Pastor John shared this incredible message - I was really moved and humbled by it, so awesome! Basically it was about how our lives are reflecting the goodness of God and that everything we do should be in worship to Him.

Several points from Pastor John included:

As God looks into our lives what does He see? Would Jesus cry or smile?

The loving passion of our Christ has drawn us with His lovingkindness.

He has lavished His love on us, there is nothing stingy about our God.

God has a tattoo on His hands and it has our name on it.

He longs and yearns to be compassionate and gracious to us.

Admittedly, there are Christians (myself being an offender) that leave lame lives, we live completely absorbed in ourselves when in reality, our lives were meant for so much more.

We are God's workmanship. There is work for us to do but it is not all outward. We need inward moments of intimacy and a passion for Christ.

We can be choked by life's worries (oops)

Some of us know our way better around the internet than our own Bibles (oops again)

What am I passionate about? What consumes me? We owe ourselves the answer.

So, Christ will ask "What did you do with what I gave you?" When our pasttimes become our fulltimes is that what we want to answer for?

Finally, 3 applications:

A) Make your daily duties acts of worship
B) Live every day in light of the day. Give Christ the desire of His heart (ourselves) and enter into His happiness.
C) Settle for nothing less than intimacy with God

So, it was funny as I paid attention to honoring God in all I was doing, because I did some doozies.
First of all, I committed my workout at the gym to Him. That felt a little overboard but thought it was worth doing.
I prayed for His wisdom at the grocery store, that the things I purchased would benefit our family health wise (cheetos, anyone?)
I swore and then recanted as I had to pay for parking, a ticket, an overdue fee and a max on my library books.
I laughed when I accidentally washed a chocolate covered espresso bean with the white load of laundry (by the way, it looks like someone pottied all over the clothes and linens!)
I was grossed out when my non-neutered cat decided to "spray" my leg. Thankfully he is getting fixed tomorrow and I think he knows it!

Anyway, humorous stuff that I'm trying to believe God actually cares about! We aren't alone and there is a God that longs to tell us "Well done." even in the mundane!

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