Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hotel Oregon

We took the kids to the beach for their birthdays. We made it a surprise trip preceded by a scavenger hunt to provide clues of what was to come. It was great and the kids went craazzzyyy! The screams, oh the horror! Anyway, had fun with some good weather and then horrible weather in which I decided I was never coming back to the beach EVAH! I get cranky in the cold and wind. Seriously, I am zero fun to be around.

When I booked the hotel it was with the intent of having a heated swimming pool since that is a real highlight for the kids to enjoy. Of course, when 'Momaru' pulled in there was a sign out saying the pool was closed for maintenance. That should have been our first clue but no, we plunged ahead anyway. We were told the pool would be open that evening. This went on for 2 days, no joke. Boy, there were some MAD customers. I had a plan. If I went in as a nice customer and voiced my concerns politely perhaps I would get some free goods. And, free I did receive! The gal gave me big ol discounts on the 2 nights we stayed plus offered a 3rd night at the same price. Saved us a ton o' cash. In the meantime, all the ice machines were broken, they didn't give us our breakfast vouchers, radios didn't work, deadbolts were broken, gym floor was being resurfaced, etc.. It became comical. Hey, its all about the memories!

Heck, I can't complain too bad. I mean who gets the chance to finish 3 books, eat subway sandwiches in bed with an espresso milkshake, sit in the sun, nap at 5pm AND eat crepes at Pig n Pancake (yes, the name totally sucks.)

"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!" Thank you to Don Henley and the Eagles :)

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  1. Love it Jess! Less then stellar hotel and all... I am still very jealous. Glad you all had a good time!


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