Monday, March 1, 2010

Left Behind

I must be having some kind of day. I'm blaming it on my first trip back to the gym in over 3 months. The ol' bod can't handle it! I undid everything though by chugging down a chai vanilla latte because I figured I deserved a treat for going back!

Then I got all motivated and cleaned out 2 disastrous cupboards/drawers which equaled 3 grocery bags for Goodwill. I thought I would stay on track and make a bunch of meals ahead of time to help with the rest of the week. At the end I made an apple crisp which I ended up underbaking yet I left the oven on for another 4 hours! I actually left home, came back and kept hearing my oven click - a signal it was still on. Your welcome, Salem Electric!

The worst part happened when I went to pick kids up from school. I transport 2 sisters to and from school in addition to Will and Jaimey. Anyway, I thought everyone was loaded up and ready to go. Obviously my mind was a million miles away AGAIN. I can even tell you what I was thinking about. I was thinking quite deeply about my lousy knitting skills and if I will ever get past a scarf.
So, I start driving off in my own world when I keep hearing a pounding on my window. Lo and Behold, one of the sisters is banging on the window while running to keep up with the moving car! Horrified, I stopped (DUH!) and got her in. I felt terrible but it was damn funny!
Even though I didn't ask her to, she promised me she wouldn't tell her mom!

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