Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Overheard in the "Locker Room"

Listening to your kids can be a very interesting project.

For starters,

Jaimey to Will "Do you know how to google?"
Will to Jaimey "Sure, put your head back and go gagagaga" (gargle)

Will - "My dinky feels like it has 2 bowling balls inside it."

Will - "If Jesus is God then how can He be God's Son?"

Jaimey - "I want to play on a soccer team so I can get really muddy."

Will - "I'm crying because Hollywood Video is closing down."

Jaimey - "I feel very Starbucksy."

Jaimey - "This may sound inappropriate but did you know monkeys eat coffee beans and then potty them out?"

Will - "Do we have to go inside the sanctuary at church?" "I get so tired of all the standing up and sitting down."

Will - "Can we go to McDonald's?"
Jaimey - "No, McDonalds is all junky food."
Will - "It is not nice to talk about McDonald's that way."

Both kids - "Mom, you are the best Mom in the whole world....can I have a Twinkie?

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