Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lovin Carbs

Life has been busy lately and I've been complaining about it the whole way through.
When I get too busy I get very nasty to be around (or at least live with) because I get very resentful. I start feeling trapped and I begin looking for any way to get out of said scheduled event. I wish I could realize my limitations a bit more. I keep telling myself that it is just a season or that next week will calm down, etc... Never seems to happen. I'm not half as busy as the many women I know so I shouldn't complain but still...I need moderation with my kind of personality. With that in my mind this next sentence highlighted is like an oxymoron. Oh well, I guess that is why it is a blog. I can write all I want and not make any sense!

I have been attempting to manage my lifestyle in a healthier way, you know layin' off the booze and hard drugs for a bit...just kidding but it feels like I'm breaking some addictions and it has been extremely painful for me. Man, what a process. It has been sobering because I get a lot of joy out of food (OK, desserts) and bidding farewell has been difficult! Eventually I will be able to return to some favorites but it will have to be in moderation. No promises, we will see how it goes. Tomorrow I head into a new phase where I can reintroduce some things (CARBS!) Unfortunately, they have to be healthy carbs. In an effort to be positive I will admit that I have been feeling better. Not so many of those severe sugar highs and lows and all that stuff.
Lets not forget this ol' bod is very temporal and will one day breathe it's last but if I can be a bit more conscious as to what I put in my mouth and the choices I make, the effects will be beneficial. Or, I may keel over anyway from some thing like an aneursym and then it will all be for nothing!!
I get on my little phases of life, ride them hard and then collapse in defeat so no kudos are in order for me at this time! Just ask my mom, she has seen it all with me :)

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