Monday, May 24, 2010

I went to the hellish place they call Winco. I know the prices are great but I still can't stand the place! I do agree their pricing can be considerably lower but they don't take coupons printed from your computer. I learned that little tidbit the hard way. "Uh, can you please put these items back? I'm not getting them after all." (Insert sugary grin here.)

I spent 8.73 on bulk foods and I got organic oats, buckwheat flour, dutch cocoa, jasmine rice, unbleached flour and some elbow macaroni for the kids. They have organic whole wheat pastry four which is fantastic to bake with so I'm glad I have a source.
I'm using the buckwheat flour for apple buckwheat waffles - gee the kids oughta love those, right? :0 The recipe is from Veg Food and Fit.
I spent 2.72 on a variety of canned beans, including vegetarian refried for some specific recipes I have in mind. Don't choke but one of the recipes is baked sweet potato-black bean burritos. Are you barfing yet? Don't judge - it MIGHT be good!

Wednesday I hope to pick up fresh veggies at the farmer's market, specifically asparagus and strawberries. My friend introduced me to an organic farm called Dennison's. They hail out of Corvallis. They are a CSA (community supported agriculture) plus they sell their produce at the markets. Omgosh - the BEST- eat- right- out -of- the- box- because -they -are-so-flippin-good- kind of berry! It is definitely worth a trip downtown for these suckers.
Still hope to get to a u-pick joint though so I can bulk up!

Stay tuned...

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