Friday, May 21, 2010

Its a Start...

So, in my quest for less spending I found a few things to ax from the sinking budget. Our dog happens to take one of the most spendy meds a dog can take, doesn't that figure? Anyway, she is 14 years old and she is a dream boat. It is the least we can do after the wonderful pet she has been to us. Plus, she was here years and years before we had kids. She has arthritis in her back so the Rimadyl helps. I checked into Pet Meds online and found I could save about 12 bucks if I did mail order. OK, that sounds pretty good. Then, we were getting charged 26 bucks a month for AOL that we never even use. Seriously, we do the whole internet explorer deal which is free. I discovered we could keep our email addresses and dump the monthly charge. I'm sure this is obvious stuff to most of you but remember I am very ignorant on this junk.
Here is the icky one. I am dumping Direct TV which is 30 bucks a month. I know, right? Here is the good news though. I can get basic cable for 12 bucks (and still have my Grey's, Private Practice and Parenthood available) Other than that, the channels suck and we NEVER use them. Obvious choice there.
Here is another creepy one. I changed our Netflix subscription from 17 dollars down to 9 (which translates 1 movie @ a time) Now, before you find me incredibly insane bear in mind that we have Netflix Instant which means we can stream movies/programs at our leisure.
I know it doesn't sound like much of a sacrifice but it helps a little. Remember, I'm new at this.

As many of us SAHMs know, it can be difficult on one income, especially in these days. The day is coming when the children will be in school full-time and I may work during some of those hours. For now, I'm needed here so my job right now is to maintain the home front which includes a working budget. Despite the hardships at times, I don't regret our choice to have a stay at home parent. For us, it was the right decision. I realize and respect those that make other decisions because that is what works for their family. We are all different in what works best for us. So, kudos to the mommies whether you are home or at a workplace, we are all on the same journey and it doesn't negate the love and committment we have to our children.
Whew, what happened there? Will keep you posted on the whole coupon extravaganza. Oh, one thing I did discover. I found coupons online for Stoneyfield Organics. It's a start.

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