Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quality vs Quanity

Ray is at retreat this weekend. I know he was pretty excited. I mean, who wouldn't be? Leavin' the ol' lady and the kids behind and hangin' with a group of best friends? Can't say I blame him! Now, he would probably deny that but I know a break from the routine is essential to one's spiritual and emotional well being.
For some reason when I'm single parenting I get in my head I have to entertain more specifically and provide better fun than when I'm co-parenting. I always have trouble thinking of clever ideas.
The kids have been pretty good but it is still early. Last night we had a fun movie night of watching an old version of Alice in Wonderland complete with popcorn and kit-kats. We made tacos and then this morning I made chocolate chip pancakes. We enjoyed a killer tea party together and now the kids are playing Jr. Monopoly (with Sophie and George the Gorilla in tow.)
Perhaps later I will really go all out and take them to the library! WooHoo! Heck, we might even stop by church afterwards so I can drop off some baking for the coffeehouse. Can you believe the excitement? I know you are jealous just reading this :)
Then, we have a t-ball game and Will has snack duty today. I can barely contain myself.
I guess I need to realize though that kids don't need all the crazy fun stuff all the time. The fact they can be content thinking up "imaginative" games and being together says a lot. I'm proud of them when they tell me they would prefer to stay home and play than go out to do something.
There will come a time when these kids grow way too soon and then these days will be gone forever. I know I will look back on them and miss them. We may not be able to provide all the exotic vacations, lego-land and such, but I do hope they will still remember the times we shared as a family with fondness. Oh yes, preferably therapy free!

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