Thursday, May 20, 2010

Target Addict

So, I have been trying to curb my spending. It is a process. In going over my books I discovered I spent (I am embarrassed here) 600.00 at Target in one month! I was shocked and when I went over in my head what I purchased a lot of it was incidentals. OK, I admit that I have a steamy, lurid affair going on with Target. It temporarily feeds my need to be happy and satisfied. As soon as I unpack my purchases however, a gripping reality hits. Often I will end up taking things back, especially when things get tight before pay day. All this to say, I'm working on this issue in my life and determining the needs over the wants. I hope to see a dramatic change. Today I went and yes, I was scared. I was pretty good though. All I got was Sophie and Ollie's food, tucks pads (don't ask), claritin, a 2.00 book for my reading addicted daughter and a dark chocolate bar for Mama. I came with a list and wavered a bit with the chocolate and the 2.00 book. OK, I guess I could have put back the chocolate but I consider it to be a need and it is approved on my eating plan.
Now onto groceries. What is up with all the coupon binders these magical super moms carry around? I even saw an ad in Craig's List for a woman who had lost hers and desperately wanted it returned. Then, I read about this woman who saved her family 9 grand in groceries in one year. What the hell? What med are they on? Whatever it is, I want it!!
Today I mapped out my little shopping trip with cash only, sale items circled and coupons. I tend to buy zilch prepared food. Actually, that isn't entirely accurate, I get things like crackers, granola bars, etc.. But, for the most part I try to cook from scratch. I saved about 15.00 with the double coupons, which I guess is better than nothing. Our grocery bill tends to be higher though because I buy organic, local when possible. Anyway, I'm on a quest and an experiment. I'm going to see if this coupon thing really does pan out and then calculate how much (if any!) I save. I'll let you know what I discover along the way.

Kick me however if I get one of those binders to hold the coupons! At that point, an intervention will be in order!


  1. You'll have to let me know how this coupon thing works out. I've noticed that alot of coupons are for processed foods and not organic or natural ones. But if you find a way to make it work, I want to learns your ways! : )

  2. Ha! I thought that I was the only one who had a thing for Target! There was a time when I had a $30.00/visit habit, but that slowly increased and I had to cut back! I now have to limit myself to essentials and a budget.


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