Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meeting the Growers of the Food I am Eating

Schools out for summer. OK, now what? I have 2 kids full time on my hands for the next 3 months. What the heck am I supposed to do with them, pray tell? Already they are whining and arguing with one another. I just give them swords and let them work it out, so far it is pretty effective :0
Actually, they are doing pretty well as they adjust to a new schedule. They are loving being home and not needing to rush anywhere. Plus, we have some nice activities planned for them this summer that hopefully will provide some good memories.

The garden is just about planted but the recent rain prevented the beans and potatoes getting in. It will be a late harvest. In the meantime I will hit the farmer's markets for produce until ours comes in.
Here is the inventory of what is planted in what we fondly refer to as the "community garden"
walla walla onions
chives, basil, sage, cilantro and Italian parsley
romaine and salad blend lettuces
acorn squash
small batch of corn
bell peppers

Keep in mind, all organic, pesticide free, sustainable and all that good earthy stuff that I'm addicted to. Looking forward to seeing what develops in this weather.

The kids and I went to a pesticide/herbicide free strawberry u-pick. What fun. You can get a large bucket of berries (that you pick) for 5 bucks. It is called McDonald's farm and it is owned by a lovely older couple and their daughter. The "lady of the house" sits outside with the buckets, clad in a floral kerchief and jacket greeting the would-be pickers. Very sweet lady.
So, I froze a bunch of the berries, made way too much jam and ate too many fresh. Actually, I don't know what variety they were but I didn't care. I was too caught up in the whole homespun feeling I was getting from picking my own food.

On Monday I met with my farmer who runs Abundant Life Farms. They run an organic ranch with cattle, heritage pigs and free range chickens. Again, we aren't big meat eaters but we do eat SOME occasionally. I placed a small order with them. I was informed by email that his customers were to meet at a holistic medical clinic parking lot. Once arrived I found he had set up his truck complete with a table and coolers. He had each order labeled and priced plus he had fresh, beautiful eggs. Everyone lined up, we gave him our names and did our deal. I loved that it was the actual farmer delivering his product. Of course I immediately started gushing over him and was immediately drawn to his dirty farm jacket, sunburned face and B.O. smell. Awwww! He comes "to town" every other week. He sends out an email of what is available and then you place your order. Pretty slick. I think he was a bit overwhelmed by the attention I was giving him but oh well. He took it pretty gracefully.
As best as a farmer can I suppose.

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