Saturday, June 19, 2010


These words sum up where I am right now, I really like them and still am encouraged by the fact that I am processing this subject and praying over it as well.

"I'm wondering about the road ahead of me, wondering about the things you said to me, wondering if these dreams will ever do."
"And I'm wondering about the way I spend my days, wondering if it is even worth the chase, wondering if they are stealing me away from You."
~ Toby McKeehan

It comes at a time where the topic of "True Rest, Listening to God" (thank you dear Jen Roth) has given me the opportunity to reflect over how I am spending my time that has been given me. Am I truly learning "rest" and the fact it is so essential in one's life? How I truly define rest in my own life still remains to be seen but I know once I do define it I will be the better for it.

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