Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wuz Up?

I have gone through my dry phase again where I feel uninspired and lacking in creativity. Why I started this blog I have no idea but deep down I think I wanted to become famous and then I could contribute mucho dinero to the family income. Plus, its cool if your blog gets famous. So very Julie/Julia esque. I can't be as risque as Julie Powell however. I don't envision myself having an affair with my butcher.

Anyway, havin' fun with the whole food research thing. So, there aren't many coupons available for organic foods but there are SOME. I'm trying but as I research food a bit deeper it is downright scary that people eat what they eat. If anything, it is educational and since I love all things food I am enjoying the process. I have found some "fun" options along the way. Very awesome veggie chips for example. I took a trip to Trader Joes and Whole Foods and did pretty well budget wise. I like to get there once a month. Also, thanks to a friend I have a consistent supply of organic fresh eggs. Through an organic farm that delivers to town I now have access to organic, humanely raised meat. Now, we don't eat very much meat, like at all, but lest Ray divorce me I do buy some. So, when I do buy it I want to make sure it is ethically, healthfully raised. Since the cost is considerable more, we eat less meat and it works for us.

On another subject Will is graduating Kindergarten tomorrow. I swear I just birthed that boy - I certainly have the gut to prove it!!
Jaimey will then be entering the 3rd grade in the fall and Will into 1st. What a transition - 2 children in school full-time. I'm a bit in shock and will believe it when I see it. How that will look and affect my life is unknown to me at this time so it will be interesting to see how things develop. For now, I will concentrate on what I have been given now and value my calling.

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