Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clean Clutter

My blog site is on the fritz so trying to figure it out. The non-techy me is totally clueless so who knows, it may stay in it's present condition.

The kids have been begging me to take them to IKEA. Gee, twist my arm! They have a strange love affair with the place and I'm certainly not one to argue. We headed up yesterday for a few hours. I have been looking for a rug for Jaimey's room seems like forever now. They are all so incredibly expensive. I needed at least a 4x6 size and that was running near 100.00 - something I just wasn't going to do.

Yesterday we hit the motherload because not only did I find a darling rug for 25.00, kids meals were free so Will and Jaimey ate their fill of swedish meatballs (GAG!)

This will make sense in a minute but I will start by saying that Jaimey (bless her heart) is an extremely messy child. I blame it on her "creative mind and imaginative spirit." At least that is what I keep telling myself but it absolutely drives me insane. Especially when you do a thorough cleaning (with her involved) and find it messy again moments later. Sometimes when she is at school I take a special thrill in cleaning her room all by myself so I can enjoy it's appearance before she comes home!
Her defense for her clutter is she "knows where everything is when it is messy." I think I will start using that one so I don't have to clean the house. I can blame it on my "creative spirit."

All this to say, every 2 weeks we basically start her room over from scratch. We do pick up/clean up each day and then do a "recycle/goodwill" project at 2 week intervals. Keeps things in check pretty well so progress is being made.

Except for the week when I found a partially eaten frosting can under her bed....

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