Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comments and Child labor

So, I posted on Facebook that I ordered 3 yards of bark for our front yard. Our house is up on a hill so the front has lawn then it slopes down to plants and bark, kind of terraced like. It has been 3 1/2 years since it has been done so it was entirely overdue. I'm sure the neighbors were getting disgruntled at the white trash look of it as they tended their perfectly manicured yards and flowers. One thing I have going for me though is my kick butt lavender growing in the front. I am definitely contributing to the propagation of honey thanks to the bee infestation that occurs as they sip leisurely on the flowers. By the way, have you ever tasted lavender honey? Oh my, so fantastic.
It is funny when you work on a project out front and the comments that come with it as neighbors (also known as strangers in my world) :( bike or walk by.

"Wow, you got your work cut out."
"Oops, you missed a spot."
"Got your helpers there, eh?"
"Think you will finish today?"
"Don't get a splinter."

Now, this in no way a shaft on men and I don't mean to stereotype them in the least. I know all men aren't like this, my husband being one of them. When Ray got home last evening, he promptly put me in the car and drove me to dinner, sweat and all. That is a man, in my opinion.
Anyway, you guessed it. All the comments came from men.

Dude, if you have something to say then pick up a shovel and get to work. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut! I get a little cranky when I have to work outside. Of course, I didn't verbalize this. I just thought it which I suppose, is basically the same thing.

No, I just plastered on my hypocritical church smile and laughed politely. Oh goodness.

The kids actually helped a lot and I posted a photo of the "recruits" on FB. They definitely earned their Starbucks treat several times over. I was really tickled over their involvement.
Today, however, Jaimey is complaing of a sore back and Will a pulled muscle. I think I violated the child labor laws. But, honest, I let them do it as they wanted. I promise I didn't force them into working. And, you can believe that if you want to !! hehehehe

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