Friday, July 23, 2010

Entertaining Angels

I am a terrible neighbor, I mean terrible. I will check out in front before I go outside to make sure none of our neighbors are out in their yard. We have lived here almost 4 years and I can honestly say I have only spoken to neighbors a couple times and some not at all.
So convicting when you hear of building community, befriending those around you, etc.

In fact, every year I say I'm going to make Christmas treats and deliver them to all the neighbors. I think I may have even baked stuff only to not deliver it because I chickened out.

Working in the front yard this week provided a lot of opportunity for talking with people, specifically neighbors. I decided the more I am out front the easier it will become to connect.

One lady that lives kitty corner from us is a wonderful gal. She walked over while we were working and started a conversation with me.
Her backyard was featured in Sunset Magazine last July for it's creativity and originality They have designed their yard into a total beach front paradise. I'm not kidding, one walk into their yard and you are transported to a coastal retreat. It is really amazing. Writing about it doesn't give it justice, suffice to say you would be blown away at it's originality and beauty.
She kindly offered her yard for the kids to come and dig seashells (yes, they even have that!).
We had the nicest visit and I felt so bad for not knowing her so much sooner. I have been missing out on the pleasure of knowing such a neat person. Her and her husband both are people you feel immediate ease with.

Sad to say she has leukemia. She has the "good" kind if you can even say that. It is very slow growing, no chemo/radiation and her white blood cell count is excellent. Very good news and her prognosis is very good. Still, wouldn't I feel bad if she was currently very ill and passed away? How awful I would feel for not extending myself in friendship. Yet, here she is making an effort first. She values her days and lives them with purpose is what I believe.

I apologized for not being a better neighbor in terms of getting to know them and I certainly plan to connect with her again.

She had the last say though...

Bless that dear woman, she was so sweet that she sent me home with half of a fantastic homemade chocolate cake! I think she might be an angel!

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