Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Obedience Is...

I remember the little diddy from Sunday school. "Obedience is the very best way to show that you believe." That sounds like a joke to me now, in light of being a parent.
I swear yesterday I was seriously contemplating why I had children and my kids are only 6 and 8. How in the world do parents of teens survive?
It was a classic day from hell. I had signed both kids up for day camp. It is the Eiffel Tower of day camps, it is that impressive. Located out in Silverton the camp is full of horseback riding, creek walking, candle making, archery, games, stories, music, swimming, rope swings, snacks, treehouses, etc. Literally there is something for everyone. They even all ride a big school bus out to the camp singing songs all the way.
Camp really is designed for parents, so normally it is worth every penny. The counselors exhaust the kids so when they come home they collapse from exhaustion, suffer through a bath and food and then are out cold by 6pm.
Why in the heck do I have the son that doesn't like camp? I mean, who in their right mind DOESN'T LIKE CAMP??
I was really shocked at Will's behavior. I have never witnessed such a fit from a fairly easy going kid. He was so defiant about not going, I just couldn't understand what the fuss was about. He told me it was the worst day of his life (like he hasn't said THAT one before, gimmee a break.)
So, of course the first day he comes home grumpy from the experience. He tells me, "Mom, I can't believe this day actually happened. First, I got lost from my group then I had to go potty ALL day and I saw a naked boy." I wondered at that point why I paid for camp. If that is all he got out of it I could have taken him to the park with the same experience and it would have been free!
OK, fast forward to the next morning and same scenario all over again. At the pick up bus, he was absolutely beside himself again. At this point Queen Bee of camp got involved and even offered to drive him and his buddy out herself! Talk about taking up your cross! It was so giving of her.
By this time Will was holding up the bus from departing so I took my loss and we headed back to the car. What a nasty day he had. There was no way I was catering to his wants. I firmly told him that I had to do errands that weren't going to be fun but he was going to have to come along anyway since he decided against going to camp. I even said I was going to Starbucks but he wouldn't be able to get anything. Lest you think I am overly mean about shoving the Starbucks card in his face, let me tell you he made an agreement with his dad that he would try for one more day before saying he didn't want to go back. He made the choice to break the agreement.
Went to Target but no Lego aisle, stopped @ SBux but no drink, went to EZ Orchards for produce, finished and went home. No computer and no games.
I told Will I was going to need to work in the yard and he was welcome to join me but he would need to entertain himself. He did really great playing football outside. I finished my weeding (it seemed like YEARS later) and went inside to check on Will. My life came to a screeching halt as I see him slowly pull a camera keychain from behind his back. Right then I knew and a host of cuss words filled my mind. He had stolen it from EZ Orchards gift area. I'm surprised he even bothered to show me so I will give him one measly point for that one.
Anyway, sent him to his room so I could calm down. Went and had quite a chat and I asked him why he thought he needed to take something without paying for it. "Because I hadn't gotten anything in a really long time." I about fell out. He really needs to go to Rwanda or Guatemala for a while. I will be glad to show him all the children that have never received anything in their lives!
I told him we would need to return to the store, apologize for stealing and give the keychain back. He was terrified and claimed he didn't want to go jail. I thought to myself jail will seem like a holiday once I'm through with him :)
Course I was hoping to see the manager/owner so Will could speak directly to him. Much to my dismay, we ended up with a sweet faced college gal. I'm thinking, "Will is getting off so easy on this one." He owned up to what he did and gave the gal the keychain back. To my surprise the sweet faced college gal turned into a total cougar! I loved it. She made ME squirm. It was so awesome!
I don't think he will ever forget the experience, I know I won't. At home, he ate dinner by himself and was sent to bed early without his music and books. I figured we were home free because he was repentant, sweet and grateful for it to be over and done with. Lots of kisses and tears for having done wrong.

So what does he go upstairs and do? Walks into the bathroom where Jaimey is taking her bath, whips out his dinky and proceeds to pee into her bath water.

As I live and breathe I swear I do not know who this child belongs to.

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  1. I am thinking the "real" Will really is still lost up at the camp and this child is a feral child that has been lost for a long time and saw an opportunity to come with you and return to civilization. Being a mom isn't easy in such situations, I know from firsthand experience. But we all lived through it and learned and grew together. Some lessons take longer to learn and some kids learn more quickly but that's what parents are for - to provide discipline, not necessarily spankings, and training in the ways that are right and good. You are a great mom, Jessica, and Will is a really cool kid. Just stand your ground; sounds like you have made a great start. Remind him how much he is loved by you and by God. And then give him lots of kisses until he yells STOP, STOP! God bless


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