Monday, August 9, 2010

Agnes the "Witch"

I will probably have 2 posts regarding a little lady from my past named Agnes Ames. She was quite a character and I knew her for a big part of my childhood. My mom and grandma owned a little clothing boutique and up above was an apartment that Agnes lived in. While my mom and grandma worked the shop I would head upstairs to her apartment to watch TV. I was pretty young at the time, definitely elementary school. She was always very gracious about having me visit. She would fix me this horrible hot chocolate every time while I watched Brady Bunch reruns and thumbed through her National Enquirer papers!

Agnes had an apartment full of cats that were considered her babies. Basically because Agnes was so incredibly old she couldn't take care of the upkeep so well. The litter box and food dishes left much to be desired but the cats were extremely content leaving both their dingle AND hair balls everywhere.

One day I went to use her bathroom and on the back of the toilet stood a bottle called "Witch Hazel" I was horrified and scared because when I saw that bottle I immediately thought Agnes must be a witch, otherwise why would she use witch hazel. I booked it out of there and finally got up the nerve to ask my mom about it. I'm not sure what scared me worse, the fact she might be a witch OR what she might actually be using it for.

More to follow on Agnes....couple stories stand out in my mind that I will share another day.

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