Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things - Summer Edition Part 2

My Lavender - blooming like crazy with bees everywhere! It is one of my very favorite scents and herbs! This is the provence variety, way too strong to cook with but beautiful to dry and look at!

Yard Sales are so fun when you find a hot deal, although Estate Sales are just plain creepy. I ran out of one a few weeks ago because it made me sad that everyone was pawing through someone's things. Think I will just stick to the sales in the driveway, thank you very much!

What is better than
berry stained hands from picking strawberries?

Best of all, the berries are pesticide free and the name of the farm is, can you believe it, Old McDonald's Farm

Me oh my, how I love pie....

and jam and sauce and syrup and fresh and smoothies and ice cream and.. and... and...

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