Thursday, August 5, 2010

My List of Grievances

I'm ending this blog on a very negative note. May I share them with you?


Field burning
The hazy skies as a result of the field burning
School is starting soon
I never know what to make for dinner
I tend to be more irritated with my children
No matter how hard I work out (yes, even with "daily doubles" - my gut stays the same)
The fact that I just bark dusted my front yard and already weeds are coming back
Everyone and their brother seems to be in Sun River
Everything costs way too damn much
School supplies have taken over the world
My back yard is dried out and looks like crap
My dogs are getting REALLY old
I keep craving sugar
I am uninspired and have zilch energy
Starbucks Iced Via packs only come in pkgs of 5
My own church won't even hire me
Can't frame a photo without screwing it up
My vacuum has stayed in the middle of the front room for 3 days now
My children keep asking for rice krispy treats and ice cream for breakfast
I just want to drive around so I don't have to be home and act responsible
All I want to eat is frozen yogurt
Kitty litter is going to be the death of me
I'm not praying for my children like I need to be
I am overwhelmed by the state of our world

Just don't have it in me to be positive today. However, when I really consider the trivialities I'm calling "problems" (HA) I just have to look down the road and realize there are people who aren't sure where their next meal is coming from.
Makes me dislike myself even more....

I'm going to restart my blog because I can't seem to fix this one in a technological sense. Perhaps I will be more positive. I am reading Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist which has the potential to jump start my attitude for the better. Think I just need to go retreat for a while and reconsider the things that really matter.

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