Sunday, August 8, 2010


All of us face rejection in some form or another.
It can come with varying degrees of severity. This letter was waiting in my mail box yesterday. How delightful. The job was a position I had my eye on for several, several months. I actually thought I had a great chance at getting said job because of the 3 previous years spent volunteering in the same field.
I knew the interview didn't go well. I tended to ramble and I definitely wasn't feeling the love from the committee of interviewers. Still, it is hard to be told "No" in a form letter. I immediately felt feelings of failure, what did I do wrong, am I too old for the position, etc. Then, anger set in with thoughts and words that I won't share. So, I need to move forward and look to something better. Well, it sounds good anyway :) But, obviously it wasn't right for this time in my life so I need to rest in the decision and remember that God has my best in mind.
I discovered something new about myself yesterday, something I didn't fully realize. When I'm ticked or need to blow some steam, I cook. Boy, did I ever cook! These past 2 days have been ridiculous. I'm making things that don't even really go together. Like pot roast and homemade tortilla chips. Huh?
Since I had a load of freshly picked strawberries, I did what any sane person does. I ate them until I got a rash and peed pink. I have a total breakout going on and my lips looks like I had a collagen mishap. No joke, it is scary looking. The worst part is I went to the grocery store this morning. The poor cashier refused to make eye contact with me and I can't say I blame him.
Back to the cooking...
I made strawberry jam with the remaining strawberries. Then, I put together a pot roast for the carnivore of the house. Then, I roasted organic carrots and potatoes. Then, I made fresh pesto and grilled some zucchini out of the garden with it. Then, I made a fresh peach galette. Then I made the aforementioned tortilla chips. Then, I made iced coffees. And then and then and then!
I figured I had finished my manic episode but sadly, it was only the beginning.
This morning I decided to make brunch. We didn't go to church and I thought it would be fun to make a big breakfast for us.
So, I made a green chile breakfast casserole. Then, I cut up a bunch of awesome cantaloupe. Then, I grilled some bacon. Then, I made fresh strawberry scones. Then, I made more iced coffees.
I guess there are worse ways to deal with disappointment so maybe I should just go with the flow. At least I have a very satiated household. Also, writing is really cathartic for me and I know I ramble but feels good to let er' out.
By the way, the rejection letter makes a FANTASTIC coaster for my coffee. So there!

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