Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Frittata

Given my last post you can see that creative meal planning has been such a bummer for me. Ray could eat red meat night and day but that's not how I roll but I still try and find things that might appeal the appetite anyway.

Tonight was tricky. I wasted most of the day pouting and lamenting so I had nothing planned. I checked the clock to see I had about 5 minutes to create something before Ray got home and headed off to his disc golfing night.

When in doubt, make an omelet.

Since Ray is lover of all things meat, I had some Niman Ranch bacon on hand which I purchase at Trader Joes (ethically raised, sustainable, organic, etc..) I stretch it out to make a few meals.

Yes, I cook mainly organic so all the things I'm using are such but please don't let my hang ups stop you :)

Also, use whatever veggies you have on hand - this is just what was still fresh and in my fridge

I used:

3 eggs (compliments of our egg farmers in Dayton)

splash of heavy cream

fresh ground pepper

*whisk together in bowl*

Rough chop small amount of the following:

cooked bacon

swiss chard

red bell pepper


fresh basil

Grate some Colby-Jack cheese

Add whisked eggs to oiled omelette pan

Let cook at med heat until set, use non stick spatula to gently ease it off around sides of pan so it won't stick

When partially set, add your bacon, veggies and cheese

Cover with lid and let it kind of steam until the cheese melts nicely

Remove lid and gently slide onto plate.

Garnish with a bit of sea salt and fresh basil if you like

I remembered about taking a photo only after I had eaten half of it but here it is anyway!


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