Saturday, September 11, 2010

Compromised Situation

What you are about to see is real, there has been no altering of the photo in any way, shape (unfortunately) or form.

Yes, this is yours truly and worse, this is really my lip and my face. If people didn't know Ray and myself better, one might think I just had a brawl with my ol' man. If you think this looks bad, you oughta see him!

I begged Ray to take the photo because I looked so darn funny with the whole fat lip thing, how could I not share it? Finally he gave in, leaned in a little closer, squinted then winced and said, "You really should have that thing checked out." I told him I knew how much he wanted to kiss me right then. I mean, really, how could you resist THIS...

I can't believe I tried to fix my hair before Ray took the photo. Seriously? Like that is really going to help matters? I'm glad my children were blissfully asleep. I can only envision the images I would inflict on their little innocent minds.

I wish I could tell you how this really DID happen, but I don't know. Whatever it is, "I got it good!" Sad to say, this "little abnormality" has been going on for almost 2 months now. It provides some pretty good laughs when you want to be the life of a party because it comes and goes at will. It is so awesome when it swells up in situations, say like a job interview for instance. It makes a great topic for conversation if things get a bit dull. I really consider this my little conversation starter.

I had a great evening with lots of fab friends tonight, at church of all places! Yes, our church is totally awesome! Anyway, our church opened it's new life center tonight - a wonderful ministry to our city and beyond. In addition there is a free medical/dental clinic and they were allowing self-guided tours. Bad idea, especially when me and 2 of my besties are involved. VERY BAD IDEA.

I was innocently drinking my Stumptown Coffee when my friend, (oh heck let's just call her JEN, shall we) came up with the brilliant idea of touring the clinic and hopefully snapping a few pics of us "testing" the equipment. Always the teen at heart, I was all for it along with another friend, who we will just call "KARLA."

By the way, the clinic is so awesome and is filling such a great need in our city - very cool!

Unfortunately we found one of the rooms that had one of those exam tables complete with the whole stirrup contraption, etc. Being even stupider than I thought I already was agreed to get on the table and demonstrate how it worked. Again, very bad idea as my highly respected church mentors walked in and caught me in a ridiculous position. For once in my life, I couldn't speak, a feat in itself. They asked me, "Uh, would you like the door shut?" All I could ask was, "Do you think the clinic will let me volunteer?" Yeah, not so much....

I think I know why I have this fat lip - I'm doing penance.

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