Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Evening at the "Spa"

Last evening, Jaimey asked if I would like to schedule an appointment with her for a spa treatment. I was nervous yet hopeful it could be a chance to sit down, so I agreed (hesitantly.)
Jaimey had make a sign for her salon and named it "Relaxation Spa."
Her sign read as follows, " Attnin (attention) Moms, Do you need a break from your kids? Then come to the spa, Jaimey will treat you." This was followed by drawn pictures of a stressed mom with crying kids standing beside her to a relaxed mom with smiling children.

So here I am prepped for my facial. Jaimey concocted quite a mix from her 'Mom and Me" activity book. The recipe called for mashed bananas mixed with honey. Apparently it leaves your face feeling silky smooth. Yikes.
And here goes the banana/honey mix. Sheesh, guess we could have mad it into a smoothie when we were done. Oh gross, I can't believe I just wrote that. Don't you love the lumpy,chunky texture?
Second of all, I must be crazy to share these photos on a blog but we were laughing so hard about it, I couldn't resist.
And here is the final photo as the mixture dries. Oh yeah, this is the life....
Finger nails and toe nails came next. One thing I will say, it made quite a memory. We shared a lot of laughs and fun. It was a great way to end our day, albeit a messy way!
I took a long shower after because the banana/honey dripped into my hair. But, you know what? My face was silky soft - just like the recipe said it would be!

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