Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Remember

I remember the innocents going to work that morning not even realizing they would never be coming home.

I remember the horror knowing people were trapped way, way up in a building that was gradually disintegrating with them still inside.

I remember hearing of firemen, police and rescue workers sacrificing their own lives in order to save others.

I remember in disbelief when I heard of people hurling themselves from their office windows. Because it was better to jump than be burned alive. As if jumping could be a possible 2nd option. It is too horrific to consider people even being faced with the choice of to die or to die.

I remember driving to work, listening and not comprehending the severity of the news because I was in shock. I still was learning details as I drove to Portland that morning.

I remember being 3 months pregnant and terrified for the future of my child.

I remember leaving extra food in the dog's bowls in case something happened and we couldn't get home

I remember hearing of the frantic families trying to reach their loved ones by cell phones.

I remember hospitals gearing up for the biggest intake of emergencies ever, only to wait and wait. Nobody came.

I remember hearing of the brave men taking over the plane in Pennsylvania in order to save even more people from certain doom.

I remember plane traffic coming to a halt.

I remember all of us glued to the TV at work. Unanswered questions as we all tried to get details.

I remember hospitals calling us, wondering how we were going to get special medications to the them since plane traffic was suspended.

I remember watching the missing signs spread across New York and beyond.

I remember seeing the despair and loss in the faces of loving family members

I remember the children who's mom and/or dad would never come home

I remember asking God, "Why?"

I remember all this and more with profound sadness.....

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