Friday, September 24, 2010

My Bankie

Even though my kids are 6 and 8 years old, they still have their blankies. Jaimey has two that were given as shower gifts before she was born. She calls them "White Blankie" and "Pink Blankie." Very original. She only likes to wash them if she is at my grandma or nana's house because she loves the smell of the detergent they use. I admit, it is a bit intoxicating - makes you feel like you are at their homes. I have to steal her blankies and wash them when she isn't home, otherwise it might become a problem, germ wise. They soothe her during her many nightmares, have softened over the 8 years and remain her prized possession. She often wants me to tell her how they came to live at our house. Sigh. For pete's sake, she is in 3rd grade! Seriously? But, I oblige her.

Will has "Yellow Blankie" which is a quilt made by his great-great aunt. It too has softened around the edges forming a section which Will refers to as "Favorite Corner" He tickles his face with it and then offers to tickle my ears with it. Dang, it is soft! He has worn it down perfectly. Don't tell anyone but I have been known to "borrow" yellow blankie for a little cuddle now and again. If he hurts himself, yellow blankie soothes his wound more than a band aid ever could.

I tend to feel their age is a bit old for blankies but then I guess I would be a hypocrite if I told them that. Yes, I have a blankie. Actually, it is a huge fuzzy robe that envelopes you and increases your weight by like 200%. Nice. It is the softest thing ever and when I put it on, I swear I feel stress melt away. I'm not joking either! It has cough syrup stains on it and an occasional smear of chocolate from a late night craving. Often, I will use it as a blanket and I have been known to wear it to bed. I know, totally sexy. I will tell you where you can get your own, I'm sure your spouses will be so happy with you :) Also, cats love to knead on it so that is an added bonus for you as well. On another positive note, awesome for birth control. Put one of those bad boys on and I promise you, your spouse will literally turn his back on you when you crawl into bed with all that fluffy goodness.

Anyway, I'm not planning to give up my robe any time soon. It is like one of those things you would grab if your house was on fire and you had seconds to get out. That, along with yellow, pink and white blankies as well.

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  1. My kids know that mommy has her own softy blankie - it's one of those super soft ones from Costco. They love to cuddle with me in bed just so they can be under my blankie!


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