Friday, September 3, 2010

My Mini Retreat

Honestly I'm not complaining! Honest, I'm not! But, I haven't had a day away from my children since June. Trust me, they are sick of me and well, I am a little sick of them too - in the healthiest, most loving way possible. Sometimes a break in the routine is good for all of us! I know most moms are in the very same boat with the 24/7 and all of us need a little breathing space, for our own health and peace of mind.

I haven't done this in a very long time but last evening I was able to go away on one of my "mini-retreats" to my best friend's house. Let me tell you about it. First of all, it is my version of going to Mt. Angel Abbey (for those who know all things Oregon - if you still don't know just think German beer and Oktoberfest. Yup, that's the town!)

All I pack is my book and my coffee. I keep a few essentials there and just borrow the rest.

It is a rare treat to visit and one I cherish with everything! It is a place that for me, is the ultimate source of refeshment. My best friend lives out in the country, amongst grass seed farms. It is a place so quiet my ears ring when I'm there. Her house is so clean, even her kitty smells like laundry soap. We drink loads of herbal tea with fresh mint and sit outside looking over the nearby fields, enjoying an incredible view. We talk, talk and talk some more and I totally monopolize the conversation. She takes it all in stride and actively engages in all my chatter and detail of hopes, dreams, failures, concerns, regrets.

I get my own bed, clean sheets, and windows thrown wide open for the beautiful evening breeze to blow through. I enjoy some of the best sleep while there.
We enjoy morning yoga followed by coffee and bagels (you know, to help offset the yoga :)

My cell, text, facebook and email go on holiday. We feast on baked potatoes to "act as a vehicle for butter" and this incredible ice cream pie. We watch this Australian TV series together.
We share a garden but she does all the work and I reap all the benefits of organic produce.
She helps me refurbish my garage sale finds, while I ramble on and on about everything from how much the oil spill grieves me to what I found at Target.

I come home feeling a little more sane and a little more rested. My outlook is a bit brighter and while I breathe in the smells of my sweaty children with chocolate crusted lips and bedhead I am thankful for the beauty this friend brings into my life to give me these periods of respite.

I love you Mom, thank you for being the best friend and Mom a girl could ever ask for!

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