Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Excuses Now...

Well, we are off and running. Check out the kid's new school shoes. They are so excited about them. Yes, Will's light up like a search and rescue beacon. Let's just say his class is set if the power goes out or they need to do a emergency evacuation or something. One other thing, even though Will is 2 years younger, he wears a larger shoe size than Jaimey. OK, Will insisted on combing his hair for school, hence the middle "part" He also wanted to choose his clothes and was very excited to wear his new t-shirt his great grandma bought him. Jaimey is just plain thrilled in her new little "jeggings." Apparently the new hip pants to wear? Leggings and jeans combined into one. Whatever. They look cute on her though. This is our customary 1st day of school photo so we can see the changes as they grow older.
Now, if I'm going to be completely honest in this blog you are probably going to see some things you wish you hadn't. Today it is the condition of my house after the long weekend. Lest I embarrass any family members who might read this, let it be known my house USUALLY (and I use the term lightly) isn't in this condition. I just let it go over the long holiday weekend because I wanted to have all of us a enjoy the last hurrah of summer before the dreaded school routine started up. Sounds good anyway.
I guess I don't have any excuses now, right? Now that the children are in full time school?
Otherwise, this could become a continual problem... I'm glad Will's shoes light up, we may never have found them in the rubble...

Or THIS.... good thing we layed Jaimey's clothes out LAST night! Otherwise we would have been late for school.
I guess I wasn't exempt either....

I'm going spare any possible reader from further disgust. As a token of good faith, I will post the photos AFTER clean up. You may be surprised at the transformation.
Oh darn! I forgot to post a photo of the laundry pile!


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  2. I keep telling myself that once my kids are all in full time school I'll be a decent housekeeper again. Who knows if that's true though!


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