Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On the Brink of Change

Tomorrow my life is going to change in a fairly drastic way, at least in my little world. For the first time both my children will be in SCHOOL FULL TIME. I am hestitant, a little nervous, a little excited and a little clueless on how this will change me - all the unknowns.

I will miss Will's one-liners throughout the day.

For instance:

"I feel like a 17 year old man."

"I think God thought up the number zero."

Or, take Jaimey. She is a whirling dervish throughout the day creating, creating, creating. Finally, she lands in a heap on her bedroom floor and reads feverishly while inhaling a PBJ sandwich. Her room, oh her room. Oh my.
Even though she has been in school for 2 years now her presence is so part of me that I feel like I left them somewhere accidentally when they aren't at home.

Tonight at the dinner table Jaimey announced that she wants to adopt between 6-10 kids, most likely from the United States. She will then let each of them have a small pet of their own and then have her own vet clinic in an office off the side of the house. When I asked her if she was planning on having a husband she simply answered, "I don't need one of THOSE."
Amen sister!

Summer has been rich, restful and full of life for which I am very thankful. Several things stand out in my mind and have fast become lasting memories. Oh I pray I never have Alzheimers!

Vacationing with my children to visit both sets of family
Swimming and swimming some more thanks to some gracious friends.
Campout with 80 of our closest friends
Play dates
Visiting my mom
Day camp
Impromptu ice cream and Sbux treats
Beautiful weather
Hanging out at the library
No schedule!
No routine!
Vacation Bible School
BBQ (at least 10 different ones, SO FUN!)
Farmer's Markets
Portland day trips
Zoo day
Fresh fruit
Making Jam
Fresh produce
The breeze that comes up from the river each evening
Amazing sunsets
Outdoor concerts
Frozen yogurt
Walks around the lake
Wearing flip flops to church (oh, wait...I do that anyway!)

Even though my tomatoes may never ripen due to the cool season, I still say it was a great summer!

Now I say to fall, "Bring it on!"

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