Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pearls Of Wisdom From A Rock Star

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith visited me in a dream I had last night. Seriously. He did. It's true. We had quite the conversation only this time I was doing most of the listening - whoa!

See, it all started with me and 2 of my friends (remember Jen and Karla?) Yep, they were back.
We decided to be goofy. How odd. We got in line and all 3 of us formed a small type of conga line. We then headed out to some parks and sang and danced for various people in the park. Hey, it COULD happen! Anyway, I was in the middle of the line and we were singing the song "Dude looks like a lady" by none other than Aerosmith. You know the song really does have an infectious quality about it :)
Anyway, naturally Jen - oops - I mean't to say I was the loudest and it just so happened Mr. Tyler himself was in the park and heard us singing. He marched over and said "Man, you really got to quit that because you sound horrible."
I said, "No offense, but I'm just trying to mimic Joe Perry (lead guitarist) and not YOU so back off already." I then explained to him that it made me feel really good to sing and dance (?)

Steven then sat down on his bum, pointed at me with one of those long crooked fingers of his and said "Well, maybe you should blog about how all of that makes you feel and why." THEN, he got all religious on me and said "You know, if you commit your blog to God, anything can happen so just pray about that."

First of all, since when is Steven Tyler claiming religion and second of all, what in the world did I eat last night to induce such a nightmare?

I am reminded of his song "Dream On." How fitting!

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