Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Perfectionism is Overrated

So in my quest for perfectionism I find that I have failed. I'm really disappointed about it, by the way :) I look around the house and see the many, many projects awaiting me. Quite overwhelming really. I see all the things that got put on the back burner over summer vacation. I'm OK with that aspect of it because summer is all about making memories and enjoying the beauty of a less intense (hopefully!) schedule. But, it is catching up with me now and I see these projects giving me the evil eye as they lie in wait!

Now, I see my 14 year old lab stretched out on our downstairs couch. I should really move him but then again, he is 14 years old. I figure he has earned the right. Does it help when I say he is sleeping on a quilt covering the couch? No? Okay then.

Next up I got all saving money minded this morning and made my own mocha using an instant via from SBUX and some organic chocolate I had (in the syrup version.) Yeah, well apparently the chocolate molded. Something I discovered at the bottom of my really hip mug AFTER I drank it all. Gross, although if that is the only chocolate in the house, you do what you have to do!

My yard....at this point I'm just plain scared to go there when I see all the pruning that needs to happen.
You know the story, it goes on and on for all of us, working outside of the home or not.

I am thinking and pondering through all this. Most likely the roof isn't going to fall in because I have weeds in my yard or laundry to fold or floors to mop. I know I should probably steer myself away from the home decor blogs that show beautiful and pristine homes. I love it but I get down on myself because I'm not there. What I do know and hope I will keep at the front of my mind is that relationships with people truly are more important.
If we have the chance to reflect on our lives, which is going to hold more meaning? The fact that we always had clean toilets or the fact that we established community with one another?

I know it is an obvious answer - clean toilets of course! Seriously though, it is going to be something I need to remind myself of daily. Great! Just what I need, another thing to add to my list :)

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  1. Hey Girl! After staring at one of our toilets for a few days I finally thought, "I should do something about that". Then I waited a few more days and finally got the cleaner out! :-) I'm a new follower by the way and LOVE connecting with you like this!


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