Monday, September 13, 2010

Pruning...It's Not Just for Shrubs

Today I had a big pruning done. Not only did I have my hair trimmed and colored, I had my eyebrows waxed as well. Boy, did they ever need it!

I couldn't believe how much better I could see once my hairdresser waxed them, they were gettin' pretty hairy. Can you see the stick in the photo in the below photo? That my friends is my bite stick. See I am very terrified of pain. Who cares if I birthed 2 children? Come at me with hot wax and adhesive and you will see me melt like the witch on Wizard of Oz.

My hairdresser knows my fear of this and preps me for it. Hence, the bite stick, breathing techniques and wiggling of my toes to help me relax. Oh, he also played the Doobie Brother's for me. He learned the hard way. I had it done for the first time several months back. I had no idea what I was in for, just thought it would be a simple procedure. Not only did he wax them, he had to pluck the crap out of them as well. I felt like a hen pecked chicken. Anyway, I feel so bad for him now because when he ripped off the adhesive I involuntarily kicked him in the shin and said "SH********T" in my loudest voice possible, which is very loud. Especially in a salon. With a bunch of elderly women getting their weekly wash and set.

Then I cried because of the pain. Then, I cried some more. Then I got all these little scabs on my eyebrows. Then they itched really bad. I was a total weenie about it. Obviously, I have been putting it off way too long because they were starting to curl and I figured I better do something about it before winter, before the ice and snow started making stalagmites on my brows.
I have terribly heavy brows. It comes from being Italian. Why did I have to inherit the bad Italian stuff? Why couldn't I have gotten the olive skin and the sultry voice? In fact, my hairdresser Ed knows about my heritage and he refuses to cut my hair short because then he would need to shave my neck because of all the hair on the back of it! Are you serious? My heritage is cursing me right before my very eyes!

Well, today went much better but I was really disappointed because Ed was out of lollipops, like the ones they give out at the doctor's after you have a shot. I know all about those because even though I'm 39 I still go to a pediatrician.

Oh, here is another doozy. One eyebrow had more hair on it than the other one! Uh, excuse me?

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