Monday, September 27, 2010

Put Ya Hands In Da Air

Last week I was observing this lovely gal. OK fine, I was staring. She was sitting with a few others in a small group and they were praying together. So I just sat there and watched them. Nice, huh? No pressure people, don't mind me! Please don't ever travel with me, especially in a foreign country. I become absolutely hypnotized with people watching.

I have seen people pray in many different ways. I remember as a kid watching people run church aisles, crying, wailing, and carrying on all in the name of Christianity. You have got to be kidding me. I wasn't going to touch that with a 10 foot pole, Night after night of so called "revival" really meant nothing, especially when 2 doors down a mom didn't even have enough resources to feed her kids. But heck, let's keep runnin' them aisles doin church but only within the safe confines of the building. Yep, I'm sure that's what Jesus had in mind for His followers?!

I know it sounds like I'm judging, maybe I am. Yea, I think I am. I apologize. Let it be known that I am very guilty in turning a different direction in order to avoid helping someone. Although, I did stop a runaway car today!

For now I will return to my gal. What impressed me about her was that she was real, no pretense. And honest. And humble. I liked that. She was herself and it was a beautiful thing. She wasn't trying to impress people with trying to be all holy with a "I'm better than you because I am praying in public and I'm proud of it" attitude. It was just the opposite and it resonated with me because it was genuine, and you could tell prayer was something her life depended on, her hands simply opened in front of her as if to both submit and receive. It was her humility that struck a chord with me, so refreshing.
Her faith is the kind of faith that changes people, especially to those observing and so many are. Imagine if we all had it.

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  1. I stood next to you in line for the elevator on Sunday morning. I was standing next to Vanessa. It took me a minute to reconcile with my brain why I knew your face but why I didn't know you. Its because I have lurked your blog for quite sometime. I have come out of hiding to say it was a pleasure to brush up against you in the Broadway commons :)
    I think we even both live on the West side?


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