Friday, September 10, 2010

The Reveal (and a very long post)

As promised from my post a few days ago, the kid's room are ready to be revealed. It took me a very long time because once I get involved in a project, I can't seem to stop and then I find more and more to do on it. Oh heck, who am I kidding? Let's just admit it, I'm a slow worker, it takes me a long time to get something done and I fiddle around. Ok? And if you are wondering, employers love me for my work ethic (insert cheesy grin here.) Let me start out by saying this is in no way anywhere remotely close, for even a second to Extreme Home Makeover! Just wanted to put that out there so you aren't disappointed. And, while I am talking about Extreme Home Makeover I will give you some neat info going on in our boring city. My kid's school campus is located on the Oregon School of the Deaf campus. My kids attend a very cool (what can I say, we are thrilled to be part of it) charter school. We lease part of OSD's campus. Each year the school of the deaf hosts a terrifying haunted house as a fundraiser. It has been around for like 20 years or something, brings in terrific revenue for school and makes little kids pee in their pants, its that scary. In fact, several people I know who are adults visited when they were kids and I think they are scarred for life! Anyway, EHME wanted to do a haunted house theme for their halloween episode. Enter the deaf school. Long story short, EHME has chosen the school, sent in a huge team, volunteers galore, the whole Hollywood bit. Yes, even Ty, Page and Michael are here. They are completely renovating the haunted house (as if it wasn't scary enough) and building a new set of boy's dorms which look awesome. The big reveal is on Monday. Rumor has it our school will get to view it so here's hoping. Perfect timing too because I'm getting my hair colored, how convenient. Also, this may be my only claim to fame in my entire life but I got a VIP pass to check out behind the scenes. Very fun to watch them film (great food was served as well!)

So now that you have skimmed through that boring intro, let me gently remind you of Will's room BEFORE...Here is the after...

Another view. I am a terrible photographer so some of these are pretty dark but at least it gives an idea. Will's room has a red/denim blue color palate going on. He has a lot of vintage cowboy and baseball decor which works great with that kind of theme. Guess we can't decide which one we like best and since only one thing can be boring we chose both. Besides, we don't want to be boxed in because then creativity gets a bit stifled. That, by the way, happens in my life as well!
The poster that kind of see on the wall is from the Sisters Rodeo in Sisters, Oregon. I love it. I also have a Clint Eastwood one I stole off of a wall in Oaxaca, Mexico. I carted that thing all the way back to America! Hey, at least it has a fun history to it and Will will always know how devoted I was to decorating his room.
Will has a lot of pieces Ray and I grew up with. That red book shelf you see above was actually a brown wicker number that I got for my 8th grade graduation! Too crazy. I revived it with some barn red spray paint. I took that trunk you see below and decided to use it as a night stand. Ray had that trunk as a kid. The lamp base I got brand new but it was at Goodwill so it was a great price. I got the red ticking lamp shade from Target for 4 bucks on sale. I didn't want to include every single photo of every little thing and bore the heck out of you but he also has a rejuvenated round play table from when I was in elementary school. I had lots of tea parties on that thing! It was great to reorganize, downsize, throw out and goodwill stuff as needed. Makes for a much happier Mama. Good news, Will LOVES it, he was absolutely thrilled when he came home from school and saw his very own room makeover. One of these days I will some little vignettes of his room that have been fun to create. Like his "W" collection, for example.

Now, Jaimey's room was another story in terms of clean up... The things I found would make a grown man shiver. Again, in this room I completely "gutted" it and basically started over. For starters when I moved her dresser I found a half eaten granola bar behind it. Bear in mind that in order for it get there in the first place, SOMEONE would have to put it there! For some reason Jaimey doesn't "recall" doing that. Hmmmm....I have heard a lot of politicians say that.
Then I found the chewed gum stuck on top of the dresser! Obviously I will need to be very involved in Jaimey's version of clean up. Apparently HER version is shoving things underneath the bed, in drawers and behind furniture.
Here is the reminder photo....I'm being very kind in this photo. Seriously, it was so much worse.

And here is the after.....

Much better, yes? I am really happy with it. I literally took her desk drawers and dumped the entire contents in the garbage. That is how I sifted through the rubble, it was a seek and destroy mission.
Got some super cute new sheets at Target for 12 bucks. A few weeks back I got a quilt cover and 4x6 rug at IKEA for a steal. Yay Sweden!

I repainted her chair in a soft pink color - I just love spray paint. I decorated the top of her dresser with a beautiful photo of her great grandma Jannie. Her daybed is mine from when I turned 16, only repainted. Her dresser was mine when I moved out for college. Basically, everything is repurposed or shall we say "upcycled." That is part of the fun, creating new out of the old. It sure makes things have a bit more meaning. Granted, these rooms aren't going to make it into a magazine any time soon but it does warm my heart's cockles because I know my kids are comfy and happy spending time in their own space.

By the way, when Jaimey saw her room for the first time she immediately broke out singing a bad rendition of a 70's disco song (gee, wonder where she heard that one??) of "That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it, uh huh, uh huh, that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it."
Hmmmm... I wonder if she liked it?
Thanks for reading!

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